Class of 2018

David Bustillos

Course: 2 (Mechanical Engineering)

David shoots competitively for the varsity rifle team. Outside of classes in his spare time, you can find David gathering organic meat or fly fishing in his home state of California.

Leith Dennis

Course: 14 (Economics)

Growing up in Broomall, Pennsylvania, young Leith always believed he was destined to be a coxswain on a collegiate crew boat. That is, until an ill-fated five-inch growth spurt in his senior year of high school crushed those dreams. Majoring in economics, Leith is always available to help you balance your checkbook, take out a mortgage, or orchestrate a miniature housing market crash. His personal slogan is, "Get money, get... more money!" In his free time, Leith enjoys grilling, chilling, working at the MIT Admissions office, and using his newfound height to reach boxes on high shelves. He is most often heard saying, "It's not Leif; it's like Keith, but with an L!"

Yannick Eatmon

Course: 10 (Chem. Eng.)

My name Yannick. I'm from Jamaica.

Noel Esparza

Course: 16 (Aero- and Astronautics)

Noel enjoys hanging out with brothers and exploring things he has yet to do, especially when it comes to food. Noel is bilingual and probably playing videogames as you are reading this. He's about as dangerous as a lady bug!

Trevor Ewald

Course: 20 (Biological Engineering)

Trevor hails from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, the land of lobster rolls, LL Bean, windjammers, blueberries, and moose. Majoring in biological engineering, Trevor hopes to rid the world of disease and benefit humanity...or at least engineer his own children. In his free time, he enjoys music, guitar building, contemplative runs throughout Boston, playing with polio at the Langer Lab, and constantly reminding people that he's from Maine. By the way, Maine is the country's largest supplier of lobster, blueberries, and toothpicks, the last place in the country to give up hand-cranked phones, and the only state to ever declare war on another country. Did you know that? Because Trevor does.

Abe Gertler

Course: 2 (Mechanical Engineering)

Surfing and windsurfing whenever possible. Majoring in course two, studying four and six and painting the house when it isn't.

Jorge Gonzalez

Course: 2A6 (Mech. Eng. with Comp. Sci)

Straight out of San Antonio, Texas, wholesome Jorge is a true cowboy at heart. Majoring in Course 2 and minoring in Course Chill, dear old "George" loves to tinker. Jorge is also on a first name basis with the staff at Noodle Street, the official restaurant of MIT SAE. In his free time he enjoys pole vaulting, gaming on his seven foot projector screen, harvesting uranium from seawater, and of course, Noodle Street's deliciously spicy "drunken noodles".

Afika Nyati

Course: 6-3 (Comp. Sci)

Afika speaks one of those African languages with all the clicks in it. Directly translated from his home language Xhosa, the same language that begins Lion King's "The Circle of Life" his names mean, "He has arrived" and "Buffalo". Afika is passionate about art, music, design and technology; he composes music, designs logos, makes satirical animations and produces fiiiree mixtapes in my spare-time. Hit up Soundcloud -- fire through your speakers bruh.

James Peraire

Course: 6/18 (Comp Sci/Math)

Many people deal with impostor syndrome when they get to MIT. James was not one them, probably due to his numerous achievements such as:
- Being chosen as the 3rd grade hall monitor
- Earning the "most improved" award for the 2nd grade baseball season
- Receiving stellar feedback from buyers and sellers on eBay
- Being praised by his 11th grade history teacher as "a pleasure to have in class"
- Accumulating over 500 MySpace friends

Luke Roberto

Course: 2A6 (Mech. Eng. with Comp. Sci)

Luke was born in Kentucky and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He loves to play music and listens to jazz at almost all waking hours of the day. Recently, he has also found a deep interest in robotics that he will continue to pursue while here at MIT. His favorite thing about SAE is how so many guys from all different backgrounds can come together to be such a brotherly community.

Scott Viteri

Course: 6-3 (Computer Science)

Music is a big part of Scott's life. He is part of an a cappella group here called the Chorallaries. Scott plays multiple string instruments down the line of guitar, ukulele, bass, twelve string, and sometimes the sitar. He is always down to jam out: if you want to definitely hit me up.

Garrett Watson

Course: 8 (Physics)

Garrett grew up around Tampa, Florida with cultural roots to Suriname and Holland. In middle and high school, he split his free time between Counter-Strike (a computer game) and tennis. His goal in life is to win.

Stephen Yearwood

Course: 18 (Mathematics)

Stephen comes all the way from Trinidad and Tobago, and plans to study Mathematics. He is extremely passionate about music and greatly enjoys composition. Currently, he sings with the MIT logs and the MIT concert choir. His other interests include soccer, table tennis, video games and talking about how good life is in Trinidad.

Zachary Zumbo

Course: 6-2 (Computer Science)

Zachary AKA 'Zumbo' enjoys tending to lonely computers and hacking MIT in his off time (with proper etiquette of course). When he's not coding, jamming out on drums for the MIT Jazz combo, or stocking the media server in Boston, you can find him around his hometown of Chester, Virginia -- where most people know it as that town south of Richmond. But seriously, there's something to do down there...sometimes.

Luke Weisenbach

Course: 8

Luke comes from a very rural area in southeast Indiana. He grew up on a small farm with many animals, but decided that farm life wasn’t for him. After spending a summer chopping lumber at his uncles’ sawmill, Luke decided to leave the smalltown life and try to make his fortune at MIT. This currently involves work in physics, mostly staring at the stars and pondering the workings of the universe. After a summer UROP in Arizona studying Pluto’s atmosphere, Luke has decided that astrophysics/astronomy is definitely the field for him (who doesn’t want to get paid to stare at the sky?!?). In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends and get up to sometimes-shady shenanigans. While not sure of his future path, be it grad school or industry, Luke would like to clarify that course 8 is when it comes to majors.

Class of 2019

Dominik Martinez

Course: 6-2

Born in the state of California, Dominik was bound for greatness. And if by greatness you mean a life of trivial pursuits, then yes: he was bound for greatness.

Sev Kozak

Course: 6-3

Sev was born in Ukraine and grew up in New York City. He spends his free time writing software and rowing; other interests include travelling, books, and faking pain faces in the gym. His verse is fire.

Ben Cary

Course: 6-2

Between playing 🏒 and studying electrical engineering, you can find Ben lifting or eating 🍕. It's lit.

Alex Canepa III

Course: 6-2

Canepa grew up in Northern Mexico, where he enjoyed running until his knees degraded, blowing into a wooden pole, and pursuing a short-lived career in the food service industry. He spends his free time TAing MITES, organizing Steer Roast, and pushing back against the man.

Collin Fijalkovich

Course: 6-2

Fijalko-what? Collin grew up in a country called Ohio, studies computer science, and rows for the heavyweight crew team. He's a big guy. Like, big big.

George Clooney

Course: Course XXX

George came to MIT after a failed career in the acting business and can teach you everything from cutting a cigar to the difference between stirred and shaken.

Class of 2020

Ethan Munden

Course: ?

Ethan was born in the great state of Oregon, but grew up in Florida. He's an adrenaline junkie who's always looking for new ways to get his blood pumping. He also thinks a hot dog is a sandwich. Fun fact: Ethan's voice only reaches 5 decibels.

Nicolas Amato

Course: 8

Nic is skinny but his ergos are fat. He spends his time rowing for the lightweight crew team and making Baker 5th great again. Amato is also the name of a meteorite, which is pretty lame.

Zachary Gromko

Course: 1000

Zack's just a Florida dude. He holds a world record for the fastest robotic rubik's cube solver and sports some intense facial hair.

Bevan Pereira

Course: 0

Bevan grew up between New Orleans and London. He pours tea first and milk second, and has a tattoo of Boris Johnson on his left leg.

Tafara Mashanda

Course: what's that?

Intention to bool

Damian Barabonkov aka John Smith

Course: 6-3 (Computer Science)

I speak English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Russian. Fixie bikes are great. Photography is fun. Programming is funner. Bitcoin is dope.

Peter Crocker

Course: 2

Peter was born somewhere in Tennessee but he says he is from California. He has a lot of weird skills that have little use even at parties. He likes to do things like go places and see stuff. He is a student. He swims a lot and does a lot of other water sports that use wind. One of his most memorable lines is "The guys in SAE are really cool and talented".

Will Robinson

Course: 22

There’s more to this young lad than his picture might suggest. William Steven Robinson grew up in Hong Kong and enjoys collecting stamps, hunting fowl, and riding horses on his estate.

Rohil Verma

Course: ???

Rohil was born in LA, but spent most of his life in India, where he grew up in Bangalore. This means that he spends a lot of his time complaining about how cold it is. When he isn't doing that, you'll probably find him listening to rock or rap, trying to row, exploring Boston or doing something stupid.

Lance Neil

Course: 3

Lance is a meme queen and reportedly has more windows than friends.

Kyl Nero

Course: 10

Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Kyl is no stranger to everything that represents the Caribbean. He enjoys trips to the beach, scuba diving, hiking, eating local food and playing the steelpan. He hopes to use his degree in Chemical Engineering to help diversify Trinidad's oil-dependent economy and finally learn how to cook.

Olek Peraire

Course: undecided

Olek’s birth name is Alexander, but he has had the nickname ever since he can remember. He enjoys long romantic walk on the beach, cuddling, and star-gazing, as well as “The Notebook” and “Love Actually”. Not only that, he also has 99.7% positive feedback on eBay, is a proud used of Blockbuster, and diner at Applebee’s.

Daniel Taylor

Course: 2

On August 21, 1997 at 9:17pm on the island of Jamaica a miracle occurred. As the stars in the heavens struck across the night sky an extramundane being broke through the dimensional barriers into the physical world and his ethereal face took in its first breath of terrestrial air. This being, this singularity was bestowed with the name Daniel Alvin Alexander Taylor, aka The Caramel Prince.

Dylan Lewis

Course: 3

Dylan is the son of Aphrodite and Dionysus. He has an obsession with synthpop, and in retirement, he hopes to produce his own records with a synthesizer. He lives for human rights advocacy, politics, friendship, pop culture, and sustainability. The title of his memoir will be "Curls: The Twists and Turns of Life" in reference to his curly hair. Be sure to pick up a copy.

Noah McDaniel

Course: 1 or 12

Noah grew up in the illustrious Pittsburgh, PA. If it's not summer you can find him in a hoodie. He enjoys playing tuba, making puns, and appreciating nature.

Class of 2021

Raymond Wynne

Course: 8

Eurasian Harry Potter/Logic mashup lookin' ass

Aaron Kogan

Course: Course 8 (Physics) or 18 (Math)

A-A-Ron was born and raised in Connecticut, exciting home of farmland and prep schools. His first language was Russian, but his English is pretty decent too. He enjoys music, physics, tastefully decorated socks, traveling, and hanging out with the bois. He also really wants to go on a road trip at some point. In ten years you may find him thrice as sarcastic as he is now.

Doron Hazan

Course: 18C, 15-1, and 8. And maybe 9.

Something about me: Doron is a cool guy with an Israeli accent who claims that he has been reading people’s minds since he was seven. For example: pick a number from 1 to ten and don’t tell anyone.
It was seven ha?
No? So let’s do it again:

William Torous

Course: 6 (Computer Science)

Will grew up 1.3 miles from SAE. His favorite things about Boston are Dunks, the MFA, and being able to walk everywhere. An ideal day for him would be drinking tea and listening to Sufjan Stevens while it rains outside.

Robert Lindland

Course: 6 (Computer Science) and 18 (Math)

An expert in changing light bulbs and reaching things on high shelves, Robbie's foremost (and some would say only) redeemable quality is his height. While not studying, he has been known to partake in such activities as reading, honing his razor sharp wit, and bringing people to tears with his masterful command of the french language. His other passions include skiing, sailing, fixing broken code, and positive-definite matrices.

Daniel Landez

Course: 2a3/4 (MechE and Architecture)

Hailing from the great state of Texas, Danny is the youngest of four siblings and many cousins. Danny is an avid lover of the arts: always reading a new Pulitzer, playing a new concerto on piano or viola, or singing a showstopper from the likes of Sondheim and Rogers. He is also a member of the MIT Symphony Orchestra and Engineers Without Borders.

Nicholas Bonaker

Course: ?

Nick hails from North Alabama and is ready to bring Mass Iota-Tau back to its Mother Mu Roots.