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Class of 2016 Pledge Project

As part of their pledge program, the soon-to-be brothers of SAE went on a trip to Marblehead Beach, following the tradition set into place by last year's class. Once again, the pledges helped to cut intrusive plants in the marsh for the benefit of the environment.

The pledges used this unique overnight opportunity to connect with themselves on a deep basis, as they held conversations regarding their past lives and their future goals. Most of them packed themselves into one of the tents, while a few brave ones weathered the other tent, which was missing a protective roof. Although the work was demanding, they all enjoyed this opportunity.

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Camp Kesem Date Auction 2012


Camp Kesem is a camp for kids whose parents have or have had cancer. Many of these kids spend most of their childhood taking care of their parents, and this camp offers a week of fun and enrichment for them. It is completely student-run and subsidized by the money raised by volunteers. This means that the more money that is raised, the greater the number of kids that can participate. In its third year, it took on a gods and goddesses theme, and had representation from 24 members of multiple dorms, fraternities, sororities and living groups. By the end of the night, the MIT community raised $6,600 for Camp Kesem, the most raised of the three events.

Special thanks to MC's Perry Kleinhenz, Zachary Balgobin and Chris Devlantes. Also to Chase Anderson, Zachary Balgobin, Brandon Holloway and Yun Xue, Albert Kao, and Vivek Dasari (on the Camp Kesem side of things) for the organization of the event. Finally, many thanks to the Camp Kesem counselors whom all gave their time to set up for the event, make sure it ran smoothly and cleaned up afterwards

Pledge Service Project

Last weekend the new members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon took an overnight trip to Marblehead Beach. As part of the retreat, the new members cut phragmites, a plant that converts saltwater marshes to freshwater marshes, which kills all the wildlife that must live in saltwater environments for survival.

The new members cut a path through the twelve foot high plants and cleared most of the phragmites from the marsh. Additionally, the group removed all the dead plants from the marsh and took them off the premises. The pledges had a great time getting down and dirty, and were able to see the effect that their work had on the marsh. One of the pledges, an active service worker Chris Davlantes said "It was great getting to know my brothers, and I loved helping out the town of Marblehead. Also, even though the project was workintensive, it's great to see the after effect of our hard work." On the whole it was a true bonding experience and all the pledges had a great time.


Continued Success in Recruitment

The Mass-Iota-Tau Colony just recently concluded a successful Fall 2011 Rush. During the Pledging Ceremony, which took place on the evening of Friday, September 16, 11 young men pledged to uphold the True Gentleman and grow into loyal Brothers of SAE. The Fall 2011 pledge class by chronological order of pledging is composed of Jacob London, Perry Kleinhenz, Matt Susskind, Nico Rakover, Erik Waingarten, Nathan Landman, Aaron Thomas, Matias Porras, Luke Koblan, Chris Davlantes, and Ben Schreck


New House

The Mass-Iota-Tau Colony is leasing a house from the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity at MIT located at 165 Bay State Road, Boston MA, 02215. Although, when we moved into the house at the beginning of the summer it was not in the best condition, the hard work of Brothers and the generous donations of alumni have transformed the mildly dilapidated house into a comfortable home. One alumnus, Carl King, was especially instrumental in our effort to renovate our home by the beginning of the school year

carl nanner

SAE Continues to Serve the Community

The brothers of SAE have been hard at work, helping out in the community with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Boston Museum of Science, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Here's a sampling of what some of our brothers have been up to.


Brother Victor Cantu shows girl scous how to make mobius strips at an overnight program with the Boston Museum of Science


Brother Vivek Dasari teaches about knots in the mathematica exhibit at the Museum of Science


Brothers Mat Peterson and Scott Landers measure and cut a boards to frame a basement with Habitat for Humanity

SAE Date Auction Charity a Success

Camp Kesem is a camp for kids whose parents have or have had cancer. Many of these kids spend most of their childhood taking care of their parents, and this camp offers a week of fun and enrichment for them. It is completely student-run and subsidized by the money raised by volunteers. This means that the more money that is raised, the greater the number of kids that can participate. In the fall of 2009, Yun Xue, the fundraising coordinator of Camp Kesem MIT, asked Chase Anderson, a founding member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, if the fraternity would like to partner with the summer camp to throw an auction benefiting Camp Kesem. The goal of last year’s date auction was one thousand dollars; we were able to raise three thousand dollars. The event also helped foster good feelings between Sigma Alpha Epsilon and other fraternities and sororities that participated. Cyrus Vafadari and Chase Anderson administratively ran the event, but all of the brothers spent a lot of time soliciting date auction items, as well as helping to pull the event together for a smash success. Due to the amount of money raised, the members of Camp Kesem made the event one that would occur annually.

In the fall of 2010, SAE and Camp Kesem joined once again. This time it was coordinated by Chase Anderson, now a senior; a freshman, Brandon Holloway, was also brought in to take over the event and learn the ropes, so that he could head the event for years to follow. This time, the event expanded to the auctioning of twenty-two people. This expansion brought in a larger number of other fraternities and sororities than the previous year. Once again, we all aided in soliciting for date items. The event was an even greater success than the last, with over six thousand dollars raised. This money will be able to send even more children than ever before to the camp so they can enjoy a week without the pressures of their normal lives, giving them a chance to dream.


SAE Works for Charity With Bad Boys of Boston Calendar

Last semester SAE created its first charity calendar. The idea was influenced by a similar calendar done in Leeds University, which asked members of its charity committee to take near nude photos to raise money for charities in Africa. Clare Baley, a photographer at MIT, shot and designed the calendar and helped come up with its title; The Bad Boys of Boston.

Our first role was to find the calendar models. Originally the Calendar was to feature only SAE brothers. However, it evolved over time to include a diverse group of people over the MIT campus. Cameron McAlpine (January) and Cory Monroe (April), both of SAE, were featured in the Calendar. This diversity was a key part of our success as it allowed us to widen our appeal and get other fraternities involved in selling the Calendar.

Another key marketing strategy was to give out the title the ‘Baddest Boy of Boston’. Each time someone bought a calendar they could vote with their money for who they wanted to win the title. Cameron and Cory were front-runners to becoming MITs first ‘Baddest Boy of Boston’ but unfortunately came up just short in the end.

Despite it being only a week before exams all of the brothers were involved in selling the calendar, getting sales from Lobby 10 to Wellesley, in various degrees of nudity. Online sales with tech cash and credit card also contributed to the calendar’s great success.

The calendar raised over $2500 for the Dream A Dream charity in India. The charity focuses on the development of disadvantaged children through extra-curricular activities. At younger ages sports and arts & crafts are offered, and then as children get older they are taught IT skills and offered work experience. A brother has previously worked at the charity and found its effect on the children dramatic.

Given the success of the calendar, we hope this is something that SAE can continue to do in the future as we give back to the society from which we have benefited so much.




SAE Pledges Clean Local Wetlands

On the morning of October 3rd 2010 the fall pledge class of the Mass. Iota-Tau arrived at Marblehead Massachusetts near the local marsh and met with Geoffrey Lubbock to begin work on the local marsh. The pledges had been informed of the opportunity when alumnus Carl King, who currently lives in Marblehead, contacted them offering them the chance to work with Lubbock. The pledges were eager to help and grateful for the opportunity to do a unique type of service.

The work consisted of two main jobs. The first job was the digging of trenches in the marsh to divert fresh water and help salt water get back in to the marsh. It was dirty digging, with smelly black mud being piled into wheel barrows.  The other job was chopping down an invasive fresh-water plant called phragmite. The plants were choking out the saltwater plants that served as nesting areas for the local wildlife. The pledges spent a large portion of the day taking out the plants and clearing them out of the marsh.

After a solid morning of work the pledges helped Lubbock clean up the area and departed back for MIT. Lubbock would later contact Carl King saying, “I was so impressed with these young men… Many times people come to help but retire without distinction as quickly as possible. These young men were tigers and went at it hard the whole time, they were neither flagging nor failing.”


Pledges Service


Continued Success

The Gentlemen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are dedicated to our brotherhood as much as we are dedicated to our academics. In our first semester as an official organization on campus at MIT, we made academic honor roll. With an average GPA of 4.41, we ranked 6th among 38 student organizations, and 2nd among 26 fraternities. We pride ourselves on our hard work both in and out of the classroom, and to be recognized for it is a great honor.

Our recent date auction fund raiser for Camp Kesem at MIT went astoundingly well, and we raised triple the amount of money that we had planned on. Camp Kesem is a one-week camp for children whose parents have or have had cancer, and it gives them a week to just be kids because they often end up taking on a lot of the responsibilities around the house that their parents can't cover. The camp is completely run by students, including all fundraising activities, and working with the counselors of Camp Kesem was truly a pleasure. To learn more about Camp Kesem visit their site here.

In addition, we had a great Spring recruitment, and had three new men join our ranks. Nathan Monroe, Teddy Toussaint and Fernando Cerullo were officially pledged to our colony on February 27, 2010. Having already been great friends of the colony, we are honored to have them join us in our brotherhood and our journey towards gaining a charter.

We're Back!

SAE began at MIT over a century ago. After a short period without a charter, SAE is ready to restore its legacy with a new attitude and new leadership. We are now a social fraternity whose members serve the community instilling the values of SAE, including brotherhood, humility, dedication, and compassion. These 8 men share one dream: the ability to come together and change the face of not only MIT's SAE, but by doing so bring a fresh, unique fraternity to MIT not unlimited by history and tradition.

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